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Cristina White (Playwright-Director; Founder of Majestic Theatre Playwrights Lab): “Rachel Wolf is an exceptional talent, and her musical POE gives us ample proof of that talent. Edgar Allan Poe is an intriguing literary figure, and his life and times, as told and sung here, make for a fascinating journey. Please excuse the pun, but the character Death in this musical is one any actor would die to play. With wonderful music and songs throughout, Rachel Wolf’s POE gives us drama, comedy, love, pathos, irony and tragedy – all the elements required to make great theatre.”

Lizzie Gullerud (Singer-Actor): “Rachel is truly astounding. When I first heard about her Poe musical, I was intrigued and excited, but a bit wary of what the result would be. I was delightfully surprised to find that POE is full of wit, humor, and melancholy. There is fantastic variety in the score: heart-wrenching, comedic, and clever songs with brilliant writing reminiscent of Sondheim.  Rachel’s meticulous attention to detail and this musical’s historical accuracy will help modern audiences see Poe in a new light. The love and admiration Rachel has for Poe, flaws and all, is evident in this show. I can’t wait for people to see it!”

Sara Wilburn (Poe scholar and author of “Eureka: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe”): “I listened to the four songs on YouTube and I'm speechless. The lyrics, the music, the mood, the meanings... you really GET Poe. I'm very, very excited for your musical to reach the stage! Your lyrics are pure poetry. I'm seriously blown away. ‘You and I,’ in particular, nearly moved me to tears. I loved the sense of humor of ‘In the Spirit.’ In ‘True to Myself,’ I think you really got Virginia, too. I know you probably greet most Poe projects with extreme skepticism.  I am delighted to finally see a project that I have no reservations about and wholeheartedly support!”

Facebook 5/20/16: Michelle Heney  “I really hope your musical goes to production, I LOVE Poe and grew up with musical theater and obtained a music degree. That sounds really exciting! Good luck!”

Facebook 5/20/16 Heidi Schoening “That sounds awesome Rachel Wolf. And you know, I've seen people who I consider artistic geniuses on Ellen's show, and they don't go off on incoherent diatribes...so anyway, I hope your musical is successful!”

Facebook 5/21/16: Fallon Kittell “Rachel Wolf when can we see this Broadway musical?! I love Poe, and yes, he is a true genius.”