© 2017 Rachel Wolf. All rights reserved.

"POE" is a stage musical
that evolved through
several incarnations
since its genesis, closer
to a vision true to Poe, culminating in the
ambitious score
comprised of 20 songs
(plus six reprises).
With massive POEtential,
the show was well-received at its first reading in Portland.
Not only does this show explore Poe's fascination with Death, it explores misinterpreted aspects to this genius
and his human failings, and dispels long-held myths about him. Remaining historically accurate most of the time,
the musical takes creative liberties and POEtic license in both macabre and humorous ways,
all the while maintaining the utmost respect for its protagonist, or should we say, POEtagonist?
With lyrics worthy of the master poet and breathtaking melodies that give a contemporary sound
to its classically-influenced score, the musical promises to enthrall audiences.
The book and set pieces bring surprises as well.  We believe Eddy would approve.
As the curtain rises,
so does Poe...
from the grave.
The libretto brings the
maligned writer and his
iconic stories and poems
to life through a dream,
using dialogue, song and
dance in innovative ways.