POE the musical is having its world premiere staged readings on October 12 and 13, 2018,
at 7:00pm in Salem, Oregon, thanks to a sponsorship by Chemeketa Community College.

As you might suspect from the show’s title, this musical celebrates the
life and works of the iconic American author, Edgar A. Poe.

Eddy rises from the grave to repair his reputation, which had been sullied by Rufus Griswold.
With Death helping him step back into his life, he is able to reconcile the choices he made
in order to find peace in the beyond.

The show’s libretto and score were written and composed by Rachel Wolf.

We still need:
–Pianist. Must sightread and extrapolate from charts.
–Stage Manager. Organized and detail-oriented.
No pay, but great learning opportunity and resume builder.

If you’re interested in being part of a project with tremendous Poe-tential (yes, we went there),
click CONTACT US above.